Our 2022 Year In The Making

  •  Shrekxual Swamplesque

  • Muppetlesque

  • Batman Burlesque Tribute

  • X-Men Burlesque Tribute

  • Spiel-Nerd Burlesque

  • The Sonic Burlesquehog 

Our 2021 Performance Year


Holiday Matsuri 2021

Dec 17-19, 2021

For the Holiday Matsuri 2021 year we were able to rejoin with our fellow nerds and animation lovers after almost 2 years of going without. We took the main events stage with our Bizarre Burlesque adventure, featuring 17 acts in this incredible hour and a half MEGA show and filling the house at this near midnight showing.


Anime Iwai 2021

November 19-21 2021

Taking the stage for the first time at Anime Iwai the Speakeasy Sirens presented a Toonami themed variety show featuring chair acrobatics, live singing, bellydance and more.

Our 2021 Performance Year


The Geek Easy

Every 2 weeks!

Performing every 2 weeks at the Geek Easy, some of our favorite themes of the year were Swamplesque, Toss A Coin To..., and our Neko Purrlesque, and about 22 others that aren't mentioned here!


Fantasm Orlando 2021

October 2, 2021

An absolutely EXCELLENT burlesque adventure took the stage at this con, parodizing pop culture from the year! The show has been so popular it's a recurring theme now for our Fantasm family.