5 Costuming For Plus Sized Performers - A Beginners Guide

Running a cosplay burlesque troupe means alot to me. The Speakeasy Sirens is an all size, sexuality and gender inclusive troupe. Over the years I've learned alot about costuming for my performers and places to help direct them for hard to find pieces.

My goal as a troupe leader is to make sure that everyone feels fabulous and happy in their own skin.

For this post I've asked my dear friend Lottie Flick for some recommendations on what they personally use, and I've attached my own costuming suggestions based off of gathering knowledge.

  • Adore Me Lingerie

Lottie Flicks first personal recommendation to me was . While I've only seen Adore Me as an ad on Facebook (thank you targeted marketing) Lottie Flick had some absolutely incredible things to say about this brand and also gave us some photos to use!

"Adore Me helps with unique lingerie sizes for plus-sized individuals! If you are larger in the stomach/thigh area but smaller in the breast area, you can customize them. It also helps with shapes that are usually reserved for smaller individuals such as push up and balconette bras."

-Lottie Flick

The sets are cute, affordable, and customizable. Can't get much better than that! (I mean, a few rhinestones help.)

  • Snag Tights

Ranging from size 1/2-32-34, was the second recommendation that Lottie had for me. Ranging in sizes, colors and both thigh/high and legging style (amongst other options) they have a super cute range available for everyone! I always like to size up for opacity.

"For cosplays that show the legs or require tights: [layer like this] Underwear, tights, tight underwear keep the tights from sliding down your thighs during the day."

-Lottie Flick

  • Corset-Story

As someone who wears corsets constantly and uses them for cosplay and burlesque very often, I know that finding corsets can be a pain in the tush when it comes to any kind of size or look necessary. While can be pricy I'm mentioning them because they've been running a huge sale for the past couple of months of buying 4-for-1 on corsets. Corset story ranges up to a 50" waist line for some of their designs and they offer classic busk closures, clasps and zippers for some. Please ensure you look up proper usage for steel boned corsets to reduce risk of injury.

"Metal boning is ALWAYS the best for anybody, but when you are plus-sized it is much more important! Our bodies can warp the plastic and permanently change the shape of plastic-boned corsets which make them unflattering for the body. However, plastic boned corsets work great in a pinch - just make sure you limit the time you spend wearing them."

- Lottie Flick

  • Kixies Thigh Highs

I cannot help but RAVE about Kixies Thigh Highs, As someone who always has thigh highs roll down on me this is the way to go. offers thick banded thigh highs with silicone strips that don't automatically roll down! I like to pull mine all the way up under the tush to ensure that they squish right where they need to. Please be aware that I did find they run the same amount as cheap thigh highs, but I seal those runs with some clear nail polish and I call it a day! Kixies range up to a 35" thigh circumference for their D size.

  • Pleaser Shoes

Mwah. Mwah. Chefs kiss. I love me some Pleasers. While I haven't found them to be the most comfortable shoes in the world they DO range heavily in size up to a 17! For anyone with tough to find shoe sizes, having thigh highs, heels and platforms available in size 17 at an okay-price is so important.

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