5 Makeup Cheats For Performers and Cosplayers

Struggling with false lashes? Lipstick smearing right before you go on stage? Why is your eyeshadow not pigmented? Are you terrible at blending? Is your bodypaint dripping off thanks to humidity or pre-performance anxiety?

This is the post for you then! We've all been there and struggled with the same things but here's easy fixes that are pretty dang affordable!

  1. False lashes:

If you're anything like me, you struggle with being able to apply falsies. Lash glue just does NOT agree with you and it never seems to be tacky enough, just sliding off and doing its own thing. That's where magnetic eyelashes have come in and been a savior! They're less than $15 for the entire kit and as long as you have a steady hand you're good to go! Once the magnetic liner dries (pro-tip, use a regular eyeliner to extend a cat eye) then you just plop the lashes on, put your mascara on AFTER to bind your own lashes and some of the falsies, and you're good to go! To remove you just pluck them off and put them back in the container!

2. Sealing your lipstick with STYLE:

Want something bold? What about something multi colored? If you've ever wanted to try a tricky ombre lip but find yourself struggling with the colors, or if your lipstick has a tendency to rub off on the inside of your mask or when your wig hairs get caught in it, this is the way to go. Taking loose pigment you can control your lipstick and experiment on your downtime. I personally like to place a red base with a metallic loose pigment eyeshadow on top, simply dipping a brush in and powdering it over my lips, to create a fabulous metallic purple lip. You can do this with blacks, greens, glitters, multichromes and more!

3. Getting that perfectly vibrant, pigmented eyeshadow:

For years I wondered why my eyeshadow never looked as vibrant as the people online and I began to realize it was a mixture of product quality and not properly prepping my eyelids for product. My go-to products for stage is the NYX Glitter Primer (under $10!) and my I Heart Revolution palettes OR if you're as interested in supporting small businesses as we are we love and check out their mass inventory! Once you put down your base primer (I like to use a flat brush for that) you can go in with any of your pigments and watch them now stick with ease. To remove I always like to use an eye-specific makeup remover for all the liner, mascara and gunk that I put on my face.

4. Blending your shadows?

Now the reason why we're starting this section off with a question mark is one of my favorites. I'm HORRIBLE at blending my eyeshadows! Part of that issue is my vision, where I can't tell if something is blended properly or not due to the colors just not standing out to me. I've learned to blend my crease out (and go heavy handed if I know I'll be fighting stage lights) but my secret is I'm still bad at it. So how do I hide it? GLITTER. I use glitter eyeshadows and pack them on to make my eyes stand out on stage! Matched with a THICK black eyeliner and mascara and false lashies, we are set for the stage!

Bulgarian Bonbon as Aphrodite

5. Body Paint Problems!

At one point or another we've all dealt with body paint issues. I remember growing up in the cosplay community and being told that Snazzaroo body paint was the way to go and watching my friends seal themselves up with hairspray or Ben Nye makeup sealant and having no issues the entirety of the event. I was not so lucky. As a lady with thick thighs and alot of costume pieces rubbing on eachother I was finding my body paint everywhere and I was tired of it. After struggling at my second con I was DONE. So I started my research and I have some key products for you guys.

  1. Temptu or Endura bodypaint. It's used by the professionals. I buy mine in the Orlando area at but you can purchase on other websites or specialty makeup shops (call ahead to make sure they have it!) 4 ounces is enough for myself head to toe, I'm 5' 3" and about 120 pounds.

  2. You're going to need 99% alcohol to thin out the paint AND remove it. You can also use a Spongeables scrubby sponge to help, or soak in a nice hot bath. I usually thin my paint before application in very small doses, shaking the paint after each alcohol dilution to ensure its all mixed up. This allows a smoother application that doesn't thicken uncomfortably on the skin. If you aren't using an airbrush (I personally use a large blush brush) then make sure that youre brushing along the skin in the direction of body hair to avoid weird matting textures.

  3. I never use spray sealers on my bodypaint because the Florida humidity is not kind to me. My preferred method is grabbing a container of translucent makeup powder and mixing it with colored eyeshadow (the same color you are trying to achieve with your bodypaint) and I dab that onto every painted area of the skin to absorb stickiness. I also take a 'to go' container to conventions with me if I need to dab my thighs or armpits. It helps so much! If you have the ability I also recommend using tights to cover your legs to save on paint. has some incredible options in all sizes!

  4. If you want to avoid looking one dimensional use a slightly darker eyeshadow s hade to contour in your collarbones, muscles and face. It adds so much life to the finished look!

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