5 Tips for beginning performers!

Updated: Feb 19

  • Make sure the troupe you want to join is the troupe for YOU.

Every troupe has different dance styles and aesthetics, looking for a troupe in your area means more than just enjoying their work, it means looking for someone who is going to work with your personality, performance style and aesthetic. Seeing a few of their shows, meeting their members and inquiring about kittening can give you the opportunity to see who you'll be working with!

  • Prepare to invest, ALOT.

Fantastic! You made it into the troupe! Now what? If you don't have someone to take you under their wing things can get pretty dang intimidating. This is where the sacrifices and investments come into play. Between investing in costumes and investing time and mental energy into creating new routines and learning, you need to be ready to learn alot and learn fast if performing arts aren't exactly your background. Thrift stores and online burlesque markets are your best friends for costuming options. For learning performances? The internet is the way to go! So many seasoned performers put beginners routines and tricks online.

Even if you aren't ready to hit the stage just yet, it's good to get the practice in.

  • Giving your body the rest it needs.

Going ham on stage is bound to happen. The adrenaline and energy, the cheering people, the tips. It's all easy to get wound up in it! Don't forget to take care of yourself. Hydrate, epsom salt your baths, rest those feet after peeling your shoes off. You deserve the care.

  • Don't be afraid to be creative!

Some of our favorite shows and routines have come from what most would consider silly ideas. Bulgarian Bonbon wanting to do a show based off everyones favorite green ogre became standing room only in our Swamplesque celebration. Pinky Du Luxe asking to be Beaker was actually the big inspiration for the Muppetlesque show in its entirety!

Some venues allow us to go wild. Some need us to tame things a bit. You can always find a way to get your point across. Songs, signs, costumes and more. Figure out what you want to do and how you can achieve it by talking with your troupe leader on ideas.

  • Have realistic expectations.

Most of the time you won't get into the virtual shows or troupes that you're aiming for on the first try. Sometimes you won't get in at all. It's gonna hurt, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Sometimes you have the ability to ask for feedback and while it takes a thick skin to handle anything other than positivity it will help you in the future to develop and grow as a performer.

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