A Guide To Risque Cosplays! How to feel secure.

All of us have found ourselves in a situation one time or another where we want to cosplay one of our favorite anime or video game characters. Unfortunately at the same time, those looks tend to be more skin than they are fabric. This is where my specialty comes in. Being a burlesque performer and loving the option to wear my cosplays to nearby anime cons, or advertising for shows, you have to know your own personal comfort limits as well as following the convention guidelines. So follow along here for some tricks and what products will help you accomplish those looks like you love so much!

  • Wig/Toupee Tape: Our first item of interest is wig tape! For myself I find it to be a bit stronger than "fashion" tape, comes in pre-cut strips and won't cost an arm and a leg. It IS difficult to remove it from porous fabrics (like thigh highs sticking to my legs, always left nasty glue marks on the fabric) but its perfect for most other pieces. You can grab it here!

  • Dance Tights: I've used these for several years now and highly recommend them. While they can be very warm to wear in the Florida weather, they provide nearly full coverage, can be found in multiple sizes and multiple skin tones as well as being rather affordable. The ones pictured above at convertible tights meaning they can be pulled up over the ankle so the feet are free. You can find those here!

  • Petal Covers: Another blessing that has been crafted. I love to use these with bikini cosplays or Kill La Kill looks. They're skin-safe, pretty easy to remove with a little warm water, and CHEAP. They're great for cold environments and add just a little bit of extra security. Now this six pack is affordable but I'm sure if you do some digging you can find them even cheaper. Grab them here!

  • Chest Plates: These are funky, expensive, and very hot to wear but wow are they alot of fun. Perfect for feminine and masculine cosplayers, though the sizing can be a bit small for those with broader shoulders. This can be purchased through multiple websites including Amazon and cosplay websites. Give it a quick google search for your preferred chest piece!

  • Dance Belts: Now these are an absolute lifesaver. Specifically recommended for tight fitting costumes, superhero body suits and the like. I've said it before and I'll say it again, wear a dance belt!

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