The Creative Process

Updated: Feb 19

Being part of the Speakeasy Sirens is no easy feat! While we come to the stage at least every two weeks, it's so much more than what you see in the glittering bar light and sequin soaked costumes.

Each and every regular for our performances knows the ins and outs of creating new costumes, new routines and picking up new tricks every two weeks. Once one show ends, we're casting the next show two months out. Between picking inspirational concepts for costumes to being a little silly and running off a joke we got too excited about, chances are in the end we're going to spend countless hours designing our costumes, wigs, and even pasties and underwear that people only see for just a few moments on stage!

Some of us prefer to go more classic; and others go for accuracy to the character. Sometimes it varies from show to show. But no matter what the outcome is, we're always excited to get a new look out on the stage!

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