Fantastic Eyelashes And How To Fake Them!

In the cosplay and performance world we've all been there with the dilemma of "I want to have false lashes. But I hate them." I've always struggled to keep false lashes on my face for long periods of time but I do so for the sake of the costume.

Once your foundation, eyeshadow, cosplay wig and everything else is on, your eyes have the risk of getting lost in photos under all the vibrancy of a costume or stage lighting. Without falsies there's not much to bring attention to your eyes.

This guide is here to help you determine which false lashes are the best option for you.

Image from the Eylure website

  • Classic Glue On Lashes

One of the most common kinds of eyelashes you'll come across are the full strip glue-on lashes. These can be great if you want to do it all in one fowl swoop and do one line of lash glue on the back of the lashes and stick them on once it's tacky. I personally use the Kiss brand aloe lash liner and that's been the best luck for me with my oily eyelids. My favorite brand is the $1 Broadway lash for simple looks that don't require the full drag.

TIP: They aren't kidding when they say to measure your lashes. Make sure they aren't too long for your lash line or you can risk a poke in the eye!

Yes. Some are more than $1.

  • Magnetic Lashes

I've said it before and I'll say it again. My personal favorite lashes ARE the magnetic lashes. Most of them come with a cute little holder which makes it so easy to carry around for cons and photoshoots. These things have stayed on in strong winds on ROLLER COASTERS before and I haven't lost them! The premise is easy. Put on the magnetic liner and let it dry COMPLETELY. No more guessing if it's juuuust tacky enough or not. Then you place the lash wherever you want it.

TIP: You can place and re-place these lashes as much as you want. Sometimes you'll notice that the liner may come up with the lash when you remove the lash, just use a little Q-tip and alcohol on the lash to clean up the magnet and you're good to go!

Look at that cute little carry case!

  • Paper Eyelashes

One of my favorite options for something truly striking. Paper lashes are available from creators all over the world and can be created by you as well! They're lightweight, can be made in any color and are easy to cut out and remake. There's many amazing tutorials online on making paper lashes. So I definitely recommend going for it. Just be careful not to give yourself a paper cut!

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