How To Prepare For A Nerdlesque Show: Audience POV.

Have you ever been to one of our shows before? Have you NEVER been to one of our shows before? Do you have a faint grasp on what to expect from our shows? We're here to help you out from the beginning to end of show!

  • Buying your tickets

Most troupes offer tickets to be purchased ahead of time either through their website (Ahem: ) , through Eventbrite, or through their event pages. Troupes love to guarantee that they're going to have an audience to perform for AND it helps them to budget out their shows ahead of time; so they usually offer a discount or raffle entry as an incentive for you to prepare ahead of time!

  • Supporting your performers

Many performers, burlesque or not, rely on tips to upkeep costume qualities, wigs, body glitter etc. It all sounds cute and funny until you realize that a pack of 1000 rhinestones costs $25. And thats just the embellishments! It doesn't take into consideration their travel costs or just getting a bite to eat before the show. You can help support your performers by following on social media, cheering during the show, and tipping during the show.

Many troupes now offer the ability to tip virtually, or have a cash box at the door for you to exchange bills or virtual tips to make it easier on everyone.

  • Finding your seats

Remember, the earlier you get there the BETTER. If there's no reserved seats you have to go in with a game plan! I always get the best seats possible for my tastes; away from the bar counter, close to the stage (I'm blind as a bat), and where all my friends can settle in around me. I'll usually have everyone leave a purse or jacket on their seats so no one snags them while I hold the table down.

  • Grabbing your drinks

Remember you're gonna be in for the long haul and getting up and missing part of the show is the WORST feeling. Make sure you get their early while your seat holder can chill out and you can get in the line. Most other people are going to crowd around right before show and miss the beginning act, so if you're there ahead of time you have the leisure to relax!

  • The show begins!

This is the moment you've been waiting for! The show begins. The performers are on stage. Remember that some shows have a photo policy to adhere to, but all shows will encourage you to interact, cheer and tip.

Remember, there's a difference between cheering and heckling. Be respectful!

Did you fancy a specific performer? Try and ask them before the show for a photo! Most performers also don't mind if you inquire about their social media, want to leave them an extra tip or want to ask them a few questions after the show.

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